Why Couples Are Choosing Tungsten Wedding Bands

Many couples are choosing to forego the route of traditional gold wedding bands and instead choosing tungsten wedding bands for a number of different reasons.

They Are Less Expensive

Tungsten wedding bands are typically cheaper than gold and silver wedding bands and thus a couple can spend more money on other wedding related items and save money on their jewelry,Image result for Why Couples Are Choosing Tungsten Wedding Bands

They Are Durable

A marriage is supposed to last forever, so shouldn’t the ring last forever? These types of wedding bands are more durable than gold and silver bands and unless a lot of pressure is applied to them they will not break. Traditional rings can get bent out of shape but a tungsten carbide ring is 10 times stronger than gold and won’t lose its round shape. In the event of an emergency a tungsten ring can still be removed and will shatter if enough force is applied.

Will Not Scratch or Fade

In addition to being more durable, these rings won’t scratch or fade. Over time, if you build up a bunch of nicks and dents in your ring it won’t look as good as the day you put it on your finger but with a tungsten band not only will it not scratch but it will not fade and will always look like new.

Will Hold Its Shine

Traditional gold can lose its luster and a white gold band will have to be plated numerous times while you have it in order to keep its white gold shine. The finish on a tungsten ring will not dull and it will always look good.

Comes in a Variety of Designs

With a tungsten ring, there is no shortage of variety. It’s not a boring material that many make it out to be. There are plenty of colors to choose from and many like the look of black tungsten rings for a unique, edgier choice in wedding jewelry. There is even the option of custom tungsten rings. For inlays there are materials like carbon fiber and you can use diamonds or gemstones. Many believe that tungsten rings cannot be engraved and will lose that special something when it comes to a wedding band, but these rings can be engraved just like gold ones.


Those with sensitivity to jewelry may find that they can wear a tungsten ring. Sometimes, those with a nickel allergy will still be sensitive to tungsten but it’s something to keep in mind if there is a jewelry allergy and you still want to wear a wedding ring.

Even with all the benefits of tungsten rings, couples choosing these rings should know about the drawbacks. They can’t be resized so some jewelers will offer you a warranty on the ring so you can buy a new ring if you have a change in ring size.