Thousand Island Tourism: The Interesting and Promising Spots

What do you know about Thousand Island tourism? Most people would underestimate the place thinking that it is a shabby tourist destination with nothing to offer. Such an idea comes from the fact that the area is pretty close to Jakarta, one of the busiest megacities in the world. So what? Just because it is located not far from Jakarta, it doesn’t mean that it can’t offer you any interesting views or sights.

So, when you are interested in 1000 island resorts, there are some promising spots and places that you should go to. Some of the islands are pretty close to Ancol but some are quite farther away.

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  • Putri Island. It takes you 90 minutes by boat to reach Putri from Ancol. When compared to Kotok, this one is more developed because you can find modern resorts there. There are tennis cours, swimming pool, and also water sports there. Underwater tunnels and aquarium with glassy walls are a part of the Thousand Island tourism– offering you a pretty cool way to explore the sea without making yourself wet. It depends on your preference, really. If you like the modern facilities go to Putri. But if you like the natural vibe, go to Kotok.
  • Sepa Island. It is also 90 minutes away from Ancol, offering you clear blue sea and golden sands on the beaches. This is also one of the best diving spots in this area. There are different kinds of accommodations available there but the facilities are quite limited, especially to diving center and restaurants.
  • Pantara Island. It is one of the farther islands in this area, taking you two hours trip. This island is pretty exclusive because the facilities are quite expensive – the most expensive among the others. This island is divided into two parts, West Pantara with swimming pools, private bungalows, and meeting halls and East Pantara with restaurants, diving center, and tennis courts.

The main attractions lie within only six islands in PulauSeribu area. Although this area has 150 islands (no, it doesn’t reach a thousand of islands – unlike the name), only 45 of them can be visited. And among the 45 islands, only 6 of them have the decent accommodation and facilities. Besides Pantara, Sepa, and Putri, you can also visit Kotok, Ayer, and Bidadari which are relatively closer to Ancol. There are also other alternatives, like Tidung and Pramuka islands. They are more popular among local tourists because the accommodations and food are cheaper.

  • Pramuka. This is the capitals island of Thousand Island regency. It has inexpensive home stays and other public facilities like medical centers, school, etc. The island is pretty small; you can explore it around by renting a bike or walking.
  • Tidung. This island is mostly known for the Love Bridge. There are some attractions, like snorkeling or banana boat, that you can enjoy while you are here.
  • Tiger (Macan). This is an exclusive and luxurious island with private cabins and eco theme. You can go snorkeling or diving and there are beautiful rooms facing the sea – perfect for getaways or honeymoon.