Why Choose Baking Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is gaining popularity because of the amazing it presents. These result when juxtaposed with what you get from using other methods will convince you that soda blasting is the real deal when it comes cleaning a surface. For example, let’s say, you intend to clean paint from a metal surface with sand blast. Normally, what is going to happen here is, projecting directly at the surface of the metal where you have the paint, sand that is far denser than the paint and also rocks that are twice bigger than the texture of the paint. And note that, this has to be done at a high impact velocity. So basically, the force of the thick, steady stream of sand smashes and chops through the paint. So just imagine removing paint by doing a sand blast on a surface that is not as strong as a metal, say a glass, plastic or a cardboard. Can you picture the devastating effect of the sand blast on the object on which you have the paint on?  Apart from the shattering that you will experience if the object is a glass or plastic, you might also experience oxidation (rust) if the object in question is a metal. This is due to the attack by the ambient moisture in the air on the metal.

Now let’s analyze what will happen if soda blasting is used to remove a paint from a surface. During this procedure, all that is required is the use of a soda blast media known as sodium bicarbonate. To get this media, just buy a Natrium product and you will get 100% of the soda blast media in it. So unlike in the sand blasting where you have bigger rocks and a denser sand, the sodium bicarbonate is much softer and less denser. But however it is far harder that the texture of the paint you seek to remove and that is why it can penetrate the paint layer easily. So during the soda blasting process, the sodium bicarbonate crystal penetrates a bit into the paint and it literally explodes! Therefore with the explosion all the bit and piece of the projected crystals tears and strips the paint off the surface of the metal or whatever surfaces the paint had been. And mind you, unlike the sand blasting, the object that the paint was on won’t be tampered with, In fact it will still retains its original form and when it’s a metal it doesn’t rust at all, thanks to the soft but highly effective nature of the soda blasting media sodium bicarbonate.

In conclusion, soda blasting is the ideal process to undertake when it comes to cleaning anything. With soda blasting you can thoroughly remove carbon, grease, paints, mildew and other pollutant residues from your house, car, wooden deck, roof, walkway, driveways, patio among others.