Symptoms – Steroid – Use

The use of steroids has become common among people in the present world. This is more famous in the world of athletes and body builders. Not all of the athletes and body builders use steroids but most of them prefer as it increases the pace of building the lean muscles. As the usage is illegal, most of the athletic events perform the steroid test prior to the event start and most of the games disqualify the people from the games if tested positive for the steroids use. Most of the experienced identify with the visible signs mainly looking at the shoulders and veins of the person. One can identify the symptoms of steroid use as most of the visible signs are on the outer physical body. It is very important to understand the symptoms for the parents of a teenager, as it might be a life risking case.Teenagers are more attracted to its use without thinking of the negative effects as they only care about building the outer physique.

What are the common symptoms of steroids use in people?

Per studies and research, the steroids use can cause damage to the development of brain and its functioning, and to the other organs of the body. The common sign is faster increase of muscles. Muscle growth is common with any men and teenager who does proper physical work out, but if the pace of the growth is faster, then it can be a sign of steroids use. There are many other common symptoms, which is seen with most of the people who use steroids and are:

  • Fluid retention in the feet and ankles is one of the common symptoms with the people who use steroids.
  • One can even identify with the smell of the breath as some steroid users can often have bad breath.
  • Increase in the breast tissues in men is one of the sign of steroids usage. Steroids release the production of estrogen in men, which makes the growth of breast tissues.
  • The other visible sign is loss of hair and baldness with men and women.
  • The other side effect, which is a visible sign, is change in voice, which is easy to identify with women. Women with the steroids use tend to develop deeper voice that is a strong visible sign of steroids use. Visit for more knowhow.
  • Some women can experience the growth of unwanted facial hair, which is again a visible sign of steroids use.
  • With the regular in usage of steroids, people often experience severe acne on their face.
  • Some can even notice the sudden behavioral changes with the person as the steroids or drugs act directly on the central nervous system. One can notice the changes with their reactions and sudden mood swings.
  • Some people might experience the sense of anxiety and nervousness, which is again a psychological symptom.
  • The other psychological behavioral change is increase in anger of the person.

With the above listed symptoms, one can identify easily if a person is using steroids or not.