Tips for Buying a New Car at Martinsville Car Dealers

Buying a new car requires a lot of research and some visits to Martinsville car dealers.

Here are some tips when shopping and closing the deal for your next vehicle:

  • Research vehicles and get an idea of the features you want. You will have many questions at this phase. Two door or four door? SUV or sedan? Do you want a navigation system? Do you want safety features, such as a backup camera? Once you get an idea of what you want then you can compare a few vehicles at different dealers and narrow down what you should pay for the car.
  • Think about a trade in. Getting your trade in value before you head to one of the Martinsville car dealers will allow you to get the best trade value.
  • Test-drive the car. This is a very important step. Scheduling an appointment at the dealer will allow them to have the car waiting when you arrive, saving you time. This will be helpful if you are trying to test-drive multiple cars at different dealers in a day. Really take the time to see if your family will fit in the car and see how the car handles on different roads.If you don’t feel right about the car don’t feel obligated to buy it that day. Take some time to think about it. Here are a few other questions to ask yourself in this stage:
    • Is there enough space for your needs?
    • Does your child’s car seat fit?
    • Are there a lot of blinds spots and do you feel comfortable driving it?
    • Are there easy-to-use controls?
  • Get information about extended warranties. Some dealerships offer things like paint protection or a pre-paid maintenance plan. If you ask about these questions upfront in the beginning of the sales process it may make your decision easier.
  • Check for dealer financing. Look at the interest rate, loan terms and if you have a trade in. You may have already been pre-approved and have other financing but checking with the dealer as different financing may save you money.
  • During the deal make sure you review everything carefully. Once you sign, the car is yours and there is no exchanging.
  • Once you have closed the deal and have the car give it a final walk around and make sure it’s not damaged. Get a tour of the car from the salesperson so they can demonstrate important out safety features and things like pairing the Bluetooth. You may even learn some shortcuts you wouldn’t find on your own. Since there is so much technology and no one has time to read the owner’s manual, a walkthrough is very helpful.

Once you drive off,it’s time to roll the windows down and enjoy your new car out on the open road.