5 Prank Ideas to Apply on Your Brother

Brothers and sisters have an amazing equation of love and hate. More than showing love in action or words, it is those revengeful, naughty, and fun pranks that make one say “I Hate You” which makes their bond a strong one. Here are some of the prank ideas that you can apply on your brother even when you are all grown up and have fun.

Boys are a bit casual in a certain way. They would hardly know the brand of soap or deodorant. They just identify it with colors. So, to make the life of your brother a little miserable play this trick – Take a new bar of soap and apply colorless nail paint. Let it dry for some time and place it back in its place. Next time when he comes for a shower he would struggle to get the foam out of that soap. He would remember this bath for sure!

Fantastic Four movies gave a nice prank idea. When your brother is sleeping peacefully on a weekend and your mom is out there shouting for the breakfast, you can apply this prank to wake him up. Take some shaving gel/cream or toothpaste and apply generously on both his palms. Be very careful as he may wake up and now tickle his nose somehow. Ask someone to Record this incident. The moment he tries to tickle his nose, he would know something devastating just happened. And he may scream! If you have already done this one and have this video, share it with your brother while sending online rakhi to UK for him. He would be more than happy to replay and see it again and again.

Shoe is a favorite thing among guys and thus playing a prank with this show would be really fun! Take your brother’s favorite pair of shoes and put some soft cloth or cotton at the toe end. Tuck or fix that cotton so well that he cannot feel anything fishy. Next day when he is all ready to go out, he still cannot because he would then discover that his new pair of shoes that was properly fitting in the shop has grown smaller overnight!

The next prank can be kept for our Holi festival and it would be a great one if your brother is someone who doesn’t like playing with colors much. Just a few minutes before he goes to take a shower, unscrew the shower head and put in lots of Holi Gulaals. When he opens the shower for a relaxing bath, he would find colorful water on him

Do apply these easy tricks on your brother and also be ready to face the consequences later as he won’t be sitting idle! But these cute and sweet things form a huge bank of memory that would always keep you smiling even when you are away from him.