Liquid crystal display module lengthy existence time

To date, about 100 million to spread out in the display to supply top quality and reliability and lengthy existence duration of live view screen display (about fifteen years old), wide operating temperature (from -40 ? to  90 ?), anti-ultraviolet function measurement industry. Our instrument LCD (LCD panel, live view screen display module) broadly used multi power meter, intelligent water meter, electric meter, single phase, three phase meter, prepaid energy meter, power meter, multi-function power meter, water meter, gas meter , power meter.

The RMD35LCD is really a small format, 3.5-inch QVGA LCD module number of the very most critical of OEM handheld cellular devices, handheld medical devices, industrial test equipment, industrial calculating devices and monitoring equipment around the application. A minimal power Brought backlight can make sure that your innovative products continues to return. Brought backlight technology with CCFL backlighting than standard LCD modules greater MTBF. The RMD35LCD includes a composite video input (NTSC / PAL) and image adjustment towards the appropriate programs. 3.5-inch LCD Video input module continues to be under development. We are able to give a small format LCD wide selection of OEM modules.

If you don’t discover the size and scope and specifications, don’t hesitate to make contact with us together with your request. We are able to personalize our LCD driver board, and also to profit the many applications appropriate for the LCD module. LCD technologies are a real technological revolution. Small LCD innovation has brought to rapid growth, easy into many small handheld devices integration. Because of the small format and resolution displays, there exists a popular for LCD monitors, while keeping low power consumption and greater peak brightness.

Space and efficiency for a set of small size LCD technology, elevated interest in other important reasons. Our products include open-frame LCD lcd display modules, high-brightness display, Liquid crystal display kiosks and POS applications and internet media player upgrade to digital advertising to permit remote updates. In ITDB02 LCD is 240374PQ. It’s, Avenue of Stars a 65K color, 320 * 240 (resolution), 2.4-inch TFT LCD with wide viewing position screen.The LCD, contrast ratio can also be very appropriate. Screen features a controller ILI9325, It, Administrative Officer Support 8/16bit an information interface, simple to drive STM32, many AVR and 8051 microcontrollers.

ITDB02 design is within its touch controller. IC may be the ADS7843 and touch the touchscreen breakthrough within the 40-pin incorporated. We’ll provide two ITDB02 versions, one with touchscreen and touch controller, another is non-touch function, it is just utilized as a live view screen display, so it’s less expensive than before. Another helpful extension is incorporated in the ITDB02 Sdcard slot. It uses the SPI mode of operation from the Sdcard, SPI interface, such as the 40pins breakthrough. There’s a ITDB02, ie, an Administrative Officer reserves the exterior flash expansion design. It left the information and also the Administrative Officer SST25VF016B Flash pin out. So, when you really need to, it is simple to add a product for your exterior flash. The IDTB02 40-pin connector layout for the project, including LCD interface bus, Sdcard bus, touchscreen and Flash BUS.