Finding The Best Staffing Software For Your Growing Business

When it comes to navigating staffing needs, human recruiters are invaluable. At the same time, having an interactive recruiting software in place can greatly improve your business’ ability to sort through applicants and determine the best candidates to follow up with. Staffing software allows your team to sift through thousands of resumes, to isolate those who are the most likely fit for the position they have applied for. While human recruiters often look for reasons for automatic rejection, such as lack of relevant skills or spelling errors, tracking software searches resumes for relevant keywords.

Why Use A Recruiting Software?

Utilizing an staffing software can help you save time and stay organized. The software makes it easy for employers to stay on top of the hiring process while communicating with applicants directly, and there’s no risk of accidentally misplacing a possible candidate’s file or deleting an emailed resume. Just as you use software applications to keep track of pertinent information about your customers and clients, software that helps you organize information on prospective employees is a smart business move.

How Does Staffing Software Work?

A staffing software not only processes resumes submitted directly by applicants, it also integrates with social media to actively recruit prospective employees. When potential employees submit their resume, it stores it in your database and then allows your recruiter to search through the resumes for keywords for the specific job opening.

Applicants whose resumes contain the desired keywords, skills and experiences required will rank higher in the search results, and you can search your firm’s entire resume database for certain qualifications. This means that even if a potential candidate originally submitted a resume for a different position some time ago, the software can identify them as a perfect fit for your new opening. Additionally, staffing software programs can streamline the process for recruiters by weeding through social network profiles to identify potential candidates.

Is Staffing Software Right For My Agency?

Recruiting software generally invaluable for recruiting teams, staffing agencies, and SMBs. It pays to do some research – find out if the staffing software is intuitive, and how much investment your team will have to make into installation, training or reading manuals. Look for a system that allows you to:

  • Post to multiple job sites
  • Work with social networks and job boards
  • Search quickly and accurately in a logical manner
  • Receive comprehensive customer support
  • Enable employee referrals
  • Offer a candidate-friendly experience

It is now the norm to work on the go, and your tracking software should be no exception. Companies, clients and prospective candidates all rely on their smartphones for convenience and mobility. Make sure the recruiting software you select allows your recruiters to review candidates, schedule interviews, and communicate freely with potential employees through your software on the device of their choice. Finally, ensure that your staffing software has sourcing tools and useful integrations, such as background checks and other software.