Common Foundation Mistakes Corrected by MitchCo Foundation Repair & Contracting Services

The foundation of any construction is the most important part of any structure. While the foundation may seem like just a simple part of the overall construction process, laying the foundation right is incredibly vital. This is because of the compounding effect; any mistake made when laying the foundation later exemplifies and gets worse as the construction one goes up. Foundation errors are a scary thing to think about. After all, foundation errors are hard to spot, costly and extremely involving.  Thankfully, MitchCo Foundation Repair & Contracting Services offers simple guidelines to be followed when laying a foundation, even though all the foundation work need to be done only by the professionals.Image result for Common Foundation Mistakes Corrected by MitchCo Foundation Repair & Contracting Services

Below are some of the common foundation mistakes that can be averted.

Failure to Seal inside Leaks

Failure to waterproof a foundation is the most rampant mistake committed by constructors. Evidence of a leaking foundation include cracks on the basement walls. Just like failing to waterproof the foundation, ignoring of the cracks on the foundation is another lethal mistake that homeowners make. Allowing water to drip to your basement is not only costly, but it also creates an ideal environment for the development of mildew, mold, and fungi.  With time, it creates a musty smell in the room and may lead to respiratory infection.

DIY sealing, on the other hand, is an ill-advised move. While sealing offers a solution to the creeping water, it seals the moisture inside the foundation of your house.

In case you notice severe damages, cracks, or mildew on your basement wall, it`s advisable to call a professional foundation repair with the knowledge of basement foundation.

Pouring a Foundation in Inappropriate Weather

A mixture of concrete and cement is meant to last for ages.  A big part of the longevity and eventual strength depends on the time allowed to dry. After pouring cement and concrete, it should be given sufficient time to dry. A professional foundation contractor knows the adequate time required for the mixture to dry since the curing process depends on the particular mix used.

Speeding up a foundation is a sumptuous recipe for a host of foundation related problems. In fact, this is one of the grievous foundation mistakes that can be done. For a start, the foundation is not able to handle the required weight. Some of the other physical signs include sagging and cracking.

Besides inadequate drying time, weather can immensely affect the strength of a foundation.  Pouring a foundation during the rainy seasons or the winter period is not advised.

It`s always wise to consult with MitchCo Foundation Repair & Contracting Services when to schedule laying the foundation to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Attempting to DIY

During this economic hard times, it`s natural for many homeowners to want to save money. While there`s a lot of construction projects that can be done on a DIY basis, laying a foundation is not one of them. The specialized knowledge, heavy equipment, and experience required make a foundation a professional-only project.