How to Improve your Flight Experience

The demand for long-haul holidays is growing fast. Most people get scared at the idea of traveling for 10 to 12 hours, or more, to get to their holiday destination. The flights this long are usually something to be endured rather than enjoyed. You’ve got to find a way to enjoy a long flight, and a lot of that comes down to the preparation and making sure you’ve got the essentials before you get to the airport. Here are tips and bits that can help you survive the long-haul flight.

 First, choose the right airline. Book through a reputable agentand you can typically save by including the cost of your stopover hotel as part of a package price along with the flight. They’re also well placed to advise you on the best routines and the best value stopovers.  Booking one-way flights on two different airlines is sometimes cheaper than a round trip ticket. For those long-haul flights, get your food faster by ordering a special meal, although you will forego the standard menu. Ordering a kosher or vegetarian meal on aHong Kong to New York flight will probably get you served before the rest. Requesting an upgrade when booking an economy should get your ticket marked with a Y or a booking code. This means that if there’s a free seat in the next class up, you should receive a complimentary upgrade.

You’re going to need a bag to put all your pieces. If you’re taking on cabin luggage and you’ve got maybe a hard suitcase that goes in the overhead lockers, make sure you have another little bag, and you’re not annoying everyone going up and down. There are a few ways to get access to an airport lounge even with an economy ticket. Lounges will sell day passes, and if you buy an advance online, you can usually score a nice discount. For an annual fee, you can purchase a priority pass.

Booking an around the world ticket is a wiser option than a return flight. Also, set your watch to your destination’s local time before stepping on the plane. Water is also a better drink to take on a flight when compared to alcohol. Although local airlines may seem a better choice, foreign airlines can avail better deals. In addition to cheaper fares, some foreign airlines have better amenities and longer refund window. Download and install your airline’s app. This goes a long way in facilitating a faster check-in, flight postponement, cancellations, and other information regarding your flight.

Reputable and experienced agents can advise you on the best package, most of which may include hotel and airport transfer deals included. Have fun planning your flight from Hong Kong to New York!