Top Apps that Convert Video to MP3 for MAC

There can be many reasons to convert video to audio. To facilitate this conversion there are different apps available online that convert video into MP3 sound on MAC. These apps are appropriate and suitable for MAC when only audio is required especially on YouTube. Few best apps are as follows:  

Elmedia Player Pro

It is one of the best, free media player that accelerate in almost all formats. The PRO version of Elmedia is capable of converting audio from videos for MAC. Elmedia Player Pro not only helps to download video from YouTube but it also converts them into MP3 files as well as playlists.

Steps to use Elmedia are simple and easy:

  1. First open the Player
  2. Open windows from Main menu and change to browser mode
  3. Input video link and enter
  4. Select file
  5. Select audio tab for converting to MP3 Format, press download.


Airy is a video to audio converter for MAC, specially designed to download videos from YouTube. Elmedia Player PRO, Airy are the best Mac video to audio converters. It converts videos from Full HD, 8K, 4K and ultra HD resolution in other formats. It is capable of converting MP4 to MP3 for MAC. Airy extracts audio from movies from YouTube on Mac. In Airy the first two downloads are free, for more complete version can be downloaded.

Steps to convert MP4 to MP3 in Airy:

  1. Input the video link on the app
  2. Select the MP3 option
  3. Press download button

Total video converter

It is one of the best video to audio converter for MAC. It possesses great speed of conversion and also provides better quality. Pro is not required to use this app as the interface of this app is user friendly and complete. With the extraction, user will be benefitted by getting original format video file as well as audio file. With the use of Total video converter user can extract audio files from video one and play them on MP3 easily.

Media Human YouTube to MP3 converter

It is specifically designed to extract audio from YouTube videos on MAC. It is supported by MP3, M4A and OGG formats. Its user friendly and comes with convenient settings.