Four Tips for Boarding your Feline Friend

While you may wish you could bring Snowball along with you on vacation, or even on a small trip out of town, most cat owners know the scenario is not likely to work out. Cats need constant care and attention, including fresh food and water daily, and a clean place to do their business when the occasion arises. 

Cats also hate cars, trains, bus, and planes, or basically anything that moves by itself. In other words, cats are not especially portable, and anyone who has traveled with one can verify this fact. But, if you can’t bring Whiskers with you, you are not around, and no one is available to feed him, how will he get his kibble, and how will his litter box get cleaned? You can always try a boarding facility that will take care of your cat in your absence! Here are some useful tips for boarding your cat:

Check the Kennel Out Ahead of Time

Be sure that the place seems clean and sanitary enough to be considered ideal for your cat’s daily needs. Check to see what type of bedding is used, and if you deem it comfortable enough to be appropriate for your cat’s tastes. It is very important that he or she feels comfortable in a new situation.

Do your due diligence and look for licensing and other markers of expertise on the kennel’s walls. Degrees, newspaper clippings, and other physical acknowledgments praising the business may leave you a bit more relieved about relinquishing your fur baby to strangers.

Make your Reservations Early

When you are planning a trip, you should take the time to make your boarding reservations as early as you possibly can. This is especially important if you plan to take a trip during a season when many other pet owners tend to travel, such as any time during the summer months, around the Christmas season, or near any other major holidays, like Thanksgiving, or Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. 

Bring Something from Home

Packing your kitty’s favorite stuffed mouse or bouncy ball may alleviate his or her fears about being in a strange place all of a sudden. At most boarding centers, like the Solarlodge, handlers will take the time to play with your cat, if that is something that you wish to take place. You can also pack a favorite comb or brush and we will make the effort to groom your cat, if this is something that he or she enjoys, and it relieves his or her anxiety. You may even pack Mittens’ favorite food dish for her to be fed in, if you believe it will help. You can learn more at

Beware of Bad Behavior

Cats, by nature, are extraordinarily solitary animals. Because of this biology, a cat naturally takes the presence of any other cat as a threat to his or her well-being. This means that your cat, as well as the cats surrounding him or her at the kennel, may act out by hissing and growling loudly. This is to be expected and should not be considered threatening on the surface.

However, you must assess whether the environment may be stressful to your individual cat. After all, some cats may be terrified of larger cats nearby that can tend to get aggressive in new situations. Use your discretion to decide if that particular facility is best for your cat. 

In conclusion, if you follow these tips, you shouldn’t have any issues with getting your cat settled in while you travel. Many boarding kennels will even provide you text and email updates with pictures so you won’t have to worry about your feline friend. So, go ahead and enjoy your trip while we’ll have Kitty’s needs covered.