Aug 25, 2014

A whole new life

I was officially divorced on February 3, 2014.  It amazes me how fast life can change.  Never take one day for granted!

My ex-husband and I have known each other for almost 16 years and were best friend for 14 of those years.  Now we hardly talk.  We do try to do what is best for our son, who is now a 15 year old sophomore.

I am going to try to start blogging more.  I have become good friend with some of you, but when life is falling apart, it is hard to share.  I hope that you are all doing well!

Here is a picture of my son and I taken when I was visiting my family in New York.  He is still my pride and joy.  I am usually very happy and have lost 60 pounds from my highest point.  Life is good. 


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