Jan 13, 2013

The New Guy

There is a new guy living in our house.  He doesn't know I blog and I don't want to ask his permission to talk about him, so I will name in New Guy in this blog. 

New Guy moved in January 2nd because he and his fiance broke up.  He is 24 yrs old and doesn't make enough money right now to get his own place.  New Guy asked if he could move in and my husband allowed it.

Having New Guy living here has been wonderful for our marriage.  My husband doesn't sit and play the XBox as much as he used to, which is wonderful!  I didn't mind him playing, it was when he would start yelling and screaming at the TV like there was a real war going on.  I have also started cooking more since we can't afford to bring New Guy out and he needs to eat something.

We are not sure how long New Guy is going to live with us, or what is going to happen down the road, but for right now, New Guy is exactly what we all needed.

Have any surprises happened in your life that made it better?


  1. No surprises here, but sounds like New guy is exactly what you have been needing!

  2. Glad everything is going great. I don't have any surprises in my world.