Jan 8, 2013

More Facts You May (or May Not) Want to Know About Me

It seems that when people want to get to know me more, my husband has been giving them a little run down on me.  If they still want to get to know me, I tell them a bit more about myself. 

Some of these facts are:

1- It is impossible for me to sugar coat things.  If you ask me if you look fat, and I know that you would look better in a different outfit, I will tell you.  Yes, it weeds out my friends fast, but at least they know I won't lie to them.

2- In awkward situations, I will have a big grin on my face.  It is my coping mechanism.  If I get pulled over, I am going to have the biggest grin you have ever seen on my face.  If a teacher is telling me how my son grins when he is getting punished, I am going to have a big grin on my face... which makes said teacher even more mad.

3-If I am thinking it, you are going to hear it.  I don't have a filter on my mouth if I like you.  If I don't like you, then I am not really going to care what you are saying so I probably won't care to ask anything.  I am getting better as I am nearing 40, but some time if I really want to know, I am going to ask.

4.  I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't swear.  However, people that I love do all three things.  If you think you need to have a good time doing one of the above things, it would probably be best not to invite me along unless you are going to give me some Mountain Dew, Chocolate and let me go when I want to go.

5.  I enjoy my pajamas.  Perhaps I enjoy them more than I should because I rarely want to get out of them. 

6.  If you make me mad, I am going to cry.  Don't make me stop crying or my throat will hurt.

7.  I hate getting shocked (you know, the kind when there is too much static electricity in the air and someone touches you).

8. I sleep talk.  My son sleep talks.  We can be having a whole conversation, but they are two completely different conversations intertwined. Here is an example:

Me: I don't want to kiss you.

Son:  Run, I caught the ball

Me: You ate onions

Son: Don't tackle me

Me: Just get away from me

Son:  Touch down!

Apparently one of us will stop and then the other one will.  As long as one of us is talking in our sleep, the other one will start and thoroughly confuse my husband.

9.  I think whenever my husband gets a new pack of cigarettes, I should get a big bag of Almond M&Ms, but apparently it would be unhealthy if I ate that many M&Ms. 

10.  I love winning things, I love entering sweepstakes. 

What is one thing people should know about you?


  1. I hate to shop, I think it is torture. I do it because I have to, not because I want to... I think you know this about me, but I am not sure who all knows it.

  2. I knew you hated to shop. I like it if we have enough money to get what I want, but if I am pinching pennies, there is no enjoyment whatsoever.