Jan 27, 2013

Another embarrassing moment

The New Guy came into the house looking for my husband's cigarettes.  I woke up and let him know where to look and followed him to show him where to look.  The search ended in the garage.

Let me repeat, I just woke up.  I didn't have a chance to stretch.  I didn't have a chance to go to the bathroom.

As I was walking back up the garage stairs, with the New Guy directly behind me, I farted loud.  There was no way he didn't hear it.  I finish getting up the stairs and he is plugging his nose and covering it with his shirt.  I yelled, "It doesn't stink!" and doubled over laughing.  I was humiliated.

The New Guy works with my husband.  Of course I get a text letting me know that my husband and the other shop guys know what happened.  Now, whenever someone farts around me, they yell, "It doesn't stink!"

The New Guy and I are still friends.  He is aware now that I fart.  He is also aware I can burn Mac N Cheese and sometimes I mix up my words and say "Do we need to put fire on the wood?"

Anything humiliating happen to any of you this week?


  1. The New Guy knows that you blog now or do you two just like to sit close? Nothing humiliating this week, but, who knows what next week holds.

  2. I made sure it was alright with New Guy before I posted this blog. He knew what the picture was for, but sometimes we do sit pretty close together.

  3. That'll teach him for following behind you...next time let him go first...if he doesn't automatically run to do that...thanks for the laugh!!!

  4. LOL Thanks for the laugh. Yup. I guess we all fart from time to time. It's the worst when the timing is all wrong.

  5. After a hard day at work, I did need this laugh too! But I am glad it has not happened to met as of yet!