Dec 22, 2012

This has been a good year

My son and I in front of the White House

The biggest year of change for us has been 2012.  In January, we were still trying to sell our house and were planning to move to Nevada when we did.  There was a terrific job opportunity awaiting us, but we needed relocation money from selling our house.  My Mom, son, brother and his wife and a friend went to Washington DC.  DC is always a great time!

I was 20 pounds thinner in this picture than I am now.  I had just lost about 30 pounds!

 In February my son and I flew to see my sisters in Utah.  I had won two round trip Southwest Airline tickets and immediately knew where I wanted to go.  My sister had a baby in December that I hadn't met.  It was a fabulous time! 

In March I got a job that I could do at home.  It was through my sister's office and it paid well.  I had to stop entering as many sweepstakes as I had been

April my husband and I celebrated our 13th anniversary!  We had take out from a local restaurant and watched some movies at home.  I prefer take out any day over sitting in a restaurant and waiting for my food.  I am impatient like that.

May was my son's 13th birthday!  He is a great little kidlet.  I have heard teenagers are hard.  I would say about 95% of the time he is a pleasure to be around.  The other 5% of the time I remind myself that I was a teenager once and I wasn't as easy going as my son!  My son also decided to be taller than I was before his 13th birthday, but I refused to believe it.  Now, he has to stoop a bit to kiss me and I am 5 feet 6 inches.

My son, husband and I on son's birthday

Husband and son in June before husband flew to Wyoming
June was the month of change for us.  My husband had been hating his job.  His service manager was always inviting him to quit and was trying to get him to quit by not paying him for all of his jobs and making his life down right miserable.  My husband decided to look online for any job that he could get in his field and found a job that would pay relocation and a bonus if we moved to Wyoming.  He interviewed for the job over the phone, then they flew him out and he fell in love with the area.  They gave him about 3 weeks to decide if he wanted the job, but we would have to be in Wyoming by August 1st if he wanted the job.  Of course he wanted the job because he couldn't handle his work life anymore.  It was affecting our life too because he wasn't happy.  If you get treated like he was then it does affect other aspects of your life. 

In July we were busy getting ready for the move.  Our house in New York had to be packed.  We had to say bye to everyone.  I wish I had spent more time with my friends, but I will still working.  July was a crazy month!  July 4th my sister and her 4 children came home.  I was still working too, but made sure that I didn't do any work the first week she was home.  July is also a month where we watch a lot of softball.  My husband and brothers played on the same team and I always enjoyed watching them.  We left New York July 29th with a moving van, our car, and our two dogs, Nitro and Dobby.  In was an uneventful trip.  I spent the next 1700 miles behind the rental truck that was also towing my brothers car.  We arrived in Wyoming on July 31st.

August was a month of getting to know the new town and people.  I love our little town!  People here are so friendly.  My son started school and enjoyed getting to know the children.  He made a lot of new friends.

September was a sad month for us.  It was the month our beloved Golden Retriever died.  It was also the month I turned 37.  I also found out the company I was working for was getting sold and I would no longer have a job.  If we would have known I wouldn't be working, we wouldn't have moved.  My job made it possible to pay for the other home until it sold. We also adopted Fascia, who was a rescue dog found at a dump.  She was about 4 months old.  She is a Shepherd mix.  Our other dog, Dobby, is much happier now with life now that we got him another friend.

Dobby and Fascia

October was a bad health month for my son.  He has had stomach problems for several years and we don't know what causes it.  He missed a lot of first and second period classes.  I decided I had to homes school him.

November I began homeschooling my son.  It is a great program that is easy to follow.  If my son needs help, there are teachers online that actually teach him.  Almost my whole family went to Reno, Nevada and stayed at Circus Circus.  I used to stay there with my parents and siblings every year, so it was an experience I wanted to share with my son.  It was so much fun!  After Reno, everyone in my family except for one niece met at my sister's house.  Every single day at least one person got sick to their stomach... so I am glad we left that stomach bug at my sister's house.  Thanksgiving was so much fun! 

This month was my husband's work Christmas party and awards ceremony.  We have only been here since August, but my husband was chosen at the VIP at his work, so he got a suite for recognition. 

We still haven't sold our house, but we did put it back on the market with a new realtor.  My husband's life is so much easier now.  My life is about the same, except I don't have a job.  It seems my happiness revolves around my son and husband.  If one of them aren't happy, I usually try to cheer them up.

I hope that each of you had a great year!


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