Dec 15, 2012

My Prayer for the Newtown, CT families

I was shocked that such a horrific act was committed against the innocent children.  I have been seeing a lot of posts about taking away guns or arming every American.  My prayer is that for right now, we stop talking one way or another so the parents and families can heal.

My prayer is that the Moms will be able to find comfort in remember their child's smiling faces.  I pray that they will realize disciplining needs to be done and take solace that their child was a good innocent child.

I pray that the Dads will know that they did what was right by allowing their children to attend school.  It is the law.  We never know what will happen when we let our angels out the door in the morning.  I pray that the fathers will also remember all of the good times they heard their children giggle because of something they did.

I pray that the siblings will be able to remember all of those wonderful times they spent together.  Siblings have a special bond.  I hope they will hold strong knowing that every sibling gets frustrated and says things they don't mean, but we still love each other.

I pray that the parents will be able to get out of bed and live life soon.  They have their right to mourn however they want to mourn, but remember that your child or spouse wants you to be happy.

I pray for the husbands, wives, sons, daughter, mothers and fathers that lost their children, siblings or spouses.  There is too much grief in the world.

I have a special prayer for those related to the gunman.  I hope they will be treated kindly.  They aren't the evil ones.  The family of the gunman didn't do anything wrong.  I hope that they will be able to continue living their lives knowing if they could have stopped it, they would have.

I also pray that nothing like this will happen again.  My heart aches for those that were taken and for the survivors left to mourn.  Please help us be kind to each other!

Let us come together as a nation.  Far too many innocent people have been killed.  It needs to stop.  We need to stop living in fear of what could happen due to pure evil.  We deserve to have our children and other loved ones come home.

What are your thoughts for the families and other survivors?

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