Nov 5, 2012

My Son will be Attending School at Home

One of the biggest changes for me since moving to Wyoming is the fact that my son will be attending school at home. He has been attending the local middle school, which is an excellent school. 

Halloween was a bad day for me.  I got three calls from the school, well four if you include my son warning me that I was about to get all the calls.  The first call was from the Principal.  He let me know my son had missed 17 first period classes.  I explained what was going on and that it has been an ongoing problem for several years.  The second call was from someone in the Superintendent's office giving me pointers to help my son get there on time.  Then the school nurse called me and once again I explained what the problem was.  In order for me to keep him in school, I would have had to release his medical records to them.  I decided against that choice. 

For those of you with children who have to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning and take forever, you will understand where I am coming from.  Enough said?

When I decided it would be best for him to finish off the school year at home, I visited . I found out that he would have online teachers assigning the work. I would be his "learning coach". The program is free. For my son's program, they sent us books and a computer for him to do schooling with. In NY, I had to supply all of the books and materials for the short time I home schooled him there.  I will have to keep attendance and go over the day and weeks plans with him, but I am excited to be a bigger part of his learning.

The only bad part is my son is a a social guy.  He is the one that the teacher is telling him to stop talking.  We live outside of town boundaries and our closest neighbors are retired, so he can't play with them.  I plan on letting him have his friends come over and make sure he goes to the school activites.

 This will definitely be a change in our lives. My son is intelligent. I can be stubborn and have to remember there is more than one way to do things. I am going to try to let him form his own opinions while teaching him what he needs to learn. Wish me luck!

 Do you have any advice to share with me?


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