Oct 24, 2012

Please Help Donate for a New Roof

Many of you know that are roof is leaking.  What you don't know is Code Enforcement is forcing us to fix it.  I am humiliated getting to this point, but I am also desperate.

The roof has caused me many nights of not sleeping.  It was awful the first night the roof started leaking.  My husband was off with shoulder injury.  I cannot remember if he had either of his shoulder surgeries at that point.  I saw the ceiling getting wet and spreading.  The look of defeat on my husband's face was too much at that point.

Our house was on the market to sell, but the only way someone could buy it was with cash.  A mortgage company will not give money for the house until the roof is fixed.  We are hoping to be able to fix the roof, sell the house, then pay everyone back.

I never wanted to do this.  We tried to give free year's rent if someone could fix the roof. We tried to get loans.

I understand not wanting to help us.  I am thankful to those that do help.  Will you please share this on your facebook page and twitter so if there is anyone that feels like helping us, they will know where to go?

Thank you!  The donate button will load below.


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