Oct 18, 2012

My Marathon Running Ideas

My sister started getting in shape several years ago so she could run a marathon.  Several of my other friends followed suit and are still running.

All of the marathon talk got me thinking about getting in shape running.  The problem is, by the 10 yard mark I am feeling like I have just accomplished the world's greatest feat.  I then think it would be great to just walk for 10 minutes so I don't die.

Today I was once again day dreaming about running a Marathon with my sister and several friends next year in Utah.  My ideal prize for even finishing the marathon would be a TRUE year supply of Almond M&Ms.  I love those things.  I would want 2 bags a week for a year... not just the little bags, but the big party sized bags.  (Trust me, there would be more obese people besides me joining in this marathon if that was the prize.  We may even beat each other up over getting to the finish line first if we had to!)

After thinking about winning M&Ms for a year, I stopped thinking about running a marathon.  Anyone who thinks more about the chocolaty prize at the end definitely shouldn't run a marathon. 

Let me start being able to walk 15 minutes without my inhaler bothering me.  Once I get to the point where I can walk 30 minutes without an inhaler issue I will rethink the marathon training.

So tell me, would you run a marathon just to say you ran one, or would you be more willing to do it for a prize? 


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