Sep 24, 2012

Starting Exercise. Again

It would be so much easier if I continued exercising instead of taking breaks.  About three years ago I could easily exercise for an hour, including some hard cardio.  Then a car ran into the car I was sitting in and I hurt my shoulder.  I didn't exercise for about a year because whenever I did, my shoulder hurt.

There have been a myriad of excuses between three years ago and now.  My back hurt.  I just don't have any time.  I don't want to leave the house when it is cold.  Now, I am starting all over again. 

I can walk for about 10 minutes right now before my asthma kicks in.  My heart is pumping pretty hard at 10 minutes.  Yes, I am out of shape, but I won't always be out of shape.

My plan right now is to walk 10 minutes for a week, then increase the interval 5 minutes until I can get up to 30 minutes.  Once I drop 60 pounds, I want to start running.  I know it wouldn't be good to start running at my current weight, so hopefully exercising will help me lose the weight, plus eating right.

Does anyone else want to start getting out of the house and exercising 10 minutes?  I live on a rural street, so I just walk in the grass along the street with my dog.  When I was in New York, I would go to the Middle School track and walk there.  There is always a place to walk!

I hope you are all doing great!


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