Sep 29, 2012

Sometimes it is worth it to move for your child

I love it when he is happy enough to smile!
I am amazed at the difference in the children my son's age here opposed to the children that he was around in New York.  Children here don't seem to get away with swearing, saying mean things to other children, and just plain rudeness.

I asked one of the teachers here if the children were just nice or what happened to make them be nice for the most part.  The teacher told me that they don't let children get away with bullying or being mean here.  In a matter of fact, if a group of children make it so another child is socially isolated, that is grounds for punishment.  I have to tell you that I LOVE how my son is treated here.

Almost every school has rules where other children aren't supposed to swear or harm another child.  However, some schools don't carry though, even after several attempts at talking to the school.

What I have learned after moving here is that it is worth it for a child's self esteem to move.  Yes, we are still paying mortgage on a house in New York.  We are paying a lot in rent here in Wyoming.  Our finances are a bit better.  My son's self esteem has sky rocketed!  He is the same child he was in New York.  The thing here is that people don't make fun of him.  I haven't been made fun of either as I have been walking around town... which never happened on the streets of my home town!

If your child is being bullied and the school won't do anything, consider relocating.  Find out a place where the children are nice and move there. 

Would you consider moving to make your child's life better?  Have you had to take proactive steps to make your child's life better in your hometown?


  1. I actually did that myself. We didn't move but we switched his school. I just found that over the years of him being in hus previous school that I disliked it more and more. Then an incident last year sealed the deal for me and then I decided right then and there that I would do whatever I coule to get him out of that school. I think I would've went as far as you did to move to make sure he didn't go back to that school.

  2. I commend you for doing what was best for your son.