Sep 7, 2012

My Take on The Utah Mom who Potty Trained in a Restaurant

I just saw yet another photo of the Utah mother who potty trained her twins at a restaurant in Lehi.  I am not going to post the picture because I think it is a gross invasion into the twin's privacy.  If you find a picture, I would recommend asking the people to take it down as isn't appropriate to show an unclad child.

I think every mother has done something she regrets.  I am not sure if the mother would have regretted her decision to potty train her twins later if it weren't for the pictures, but I am sure she does now.  I am thankful there aren't photos floating around of my worst parenting moments.

Think about the potty training this way and tell me if it changes your views.  If the children were not going to the bathroom on the potty, they would have either been going in their pants or in their diapers.  Going in your pants is less sanitary than going on the potty.  I can guarantee that seats in a restaurant are not cleaned off with a disinfectant.  There isn't any way that a potty is less sanitary than poop through pants on a seat.  Also, there are blowouts every day that probably don't get cleaned up as well as they should.  Diaper wipes only clean so well.

I am more upset at the person who took the photo and put it on the internet than the mother who potty trained in a restaurant.  A picture of someone else's child should never be posted on the internet without their permission.

Tell me, do you think it is right to post a picture of someone else's child on the internet?  As a parent, haven't you ever made a mistake and can forgive someone else's parenting mistake?


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