Jun 12, 2012

What every male teenager should know for future relationships

My son is teenager now.  He has been taught to be respectful to his family, friends and peers, but there are some things that I think every teenage male should know for their future relationships.

  1. You cannot MAKE someone change.  Either you have to love them how they are, be able to put up with the things you don't like, or leave.  The person has to want to change.
  2. Every person has freedom.  No really means no.  Not maybe, but no.  
  3. Never try to control someone else.  If you are driving fast and she asks you to slow down, do it!  Never let someone else control you either.  If you love playing softball before you get married and she knows it, she should probably let you play afterwards.  However, she has to be part of your life, not just on the side burner.
  4. Sometimes leaving is the most humane thing to do.  There are bad relationships.  There are people you just shouldn't have in your life.  
  5. Once you have children, you have to be a lifer... so you better make sure the Mom is someone you can get along with.  I have already taught my son that when he does the act, it could result in a child. I expect if he is going to do the act, that he better be ready to take care of the children that come as a result.  It is NEVER a child's fault that they are born. 
  6. Always treat a woman better than you would treat your mother.  Always treat her better than you would your male friend. 
  7. Never lie to her.  If you have broken a vow, she deserves to know.  If she asks you a question, she already knows the answer, she just wants honesty.
  8. Never settle for someone being disrespectful.  If you love someone and they make fun of you or don't respect you, it is best not to continue that relationship.  Some relationships should end.  
  9. Find the perfect person.  I don't care if you are dating 5 woman at the same time as long as the woman knows you aren't exclusive.  Don't string on a woman though.  I want my son to know that he found the perfect person for him... the one he can't live without.
  10. Don't make the same mistakes that your parents make.  We want you to learn from our mistakes.
  11. It is NEVER okay to call the person you love a name and then apologize.  NEVER!  
  12. It is NEVER okay to hit the person you love.  NEVER!
  13. If someone breaks up with you, let them go.  Don't stalk them.  Don't hurt them.  Find someone who will love you.
I want my son to grow up and be a good boyfriend and husband.  For those with sons, what would you add to the list?  If you don't a husband, what do you wish your Mother-in-Law had taught him, or is he your perfect sidekick!


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