May 4, 2012

Red Envelope - Why get off your couch when you can shop from home here! (Review)

Red Envelope is a great place to find Mother's Day Gifts.  There are so many unique gifts to choose from.  You can get anything from jewelry to chocolate covered strawberries.  Red Envelope had my mouth watering and thinking about which gift my Mother would most enjoy.

The Chocolate Covered strawberries were hard to pass up until I spotted Mrs. Fields® Cookie Basket - 100 Nibblers w/Reusable Tote Bag - Polyester 16”.  That had my mouth watering.  There are so many different food items to choose from.  Then I had to ask myself if she would rather have pajamas, but I thought sweets is always a good way to go for a mother that loves sweets!

Ordering was simple.  I simply put in my shipping information, picked which day I wanted the present to arrive and then waited as patiently as I could for the cookies to come.  I knew my mom wouldn't mind if I ate some of the cookies... or did she ever have to find out I ordered them and just eat them myself.  Anyway, that answer will forever be a mystery to you :)

I was happy with the selection I picked for "Mom".  I may be giving the mysterious answer away when I tell you that the cookies were soft and chewy.  However, I will give my Mom a couple of packs of the cookies.

I was surprised and delighted with how the cookies were packaged.  The basket of cookies came in a box that was protected from the cookies being damaged during shipping.  The cookies were wrapped in little separate packages so they could remain fresh.  As big as my eyes are, someone must have known my stomach couldn't handle 100 cookies at once.

When you look around Red Envelope, what is your favorite item?  Are you a foodie, or would you go for a gift that will stick around for a bit longer?

DISCLAIMER:  I was given a promotional code to get a product for this review.  There was no other exchange of money or compensation.  I did not have to give a good review in exchange for the code.  The opinions and thoughts are 100% mine.


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