May 27, 2012

People are still compassionate

I was at a softball game and I saw a touch of compassion among men that really touched me, so I wanted to share with you.

My 12 yr old son was keeping book the entire game for the team my husband and brother play on.  The other team was up by 20, so our team had NO chance of winning, unless a divine act happened.

My brother, who was clean up batter, allowed my son to take the last hit.  The other team had to be asked, and of course they allowed him.  My son hit a grounder straight to the pitcher, who got the person running to third out.  The next batter hit a ball to the short stop, but who threw it to second base.  The second basemen intentionally fumbled the ball which gave my son enough time to get to second and allowed the runner to get to first base.  It was an easy double play.

The next batter hits a good hit where nothing had to be fumbled or messed up and everyone progressed one base, so my son is now standing on third

The next batter hits a shot into the outfield that would have been an easy out, but this guy let the ball drop in front of him and my son got to run home with a big smile on his face!  It is the talk of the day.

I have seen guys throw out girls (me included) so it touched my heart that they let my son run home during a game that will have the stats in the newspaper.  I am not sure if our team would have done the same thing for them.

Have any of you seen some compassionate things lately?


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