May 24, 2012

Get 50 Free Bids from Zeekler

I have signed up for a new home based business and am giving away 50 free bids that you can win free and beginner auctions with. (my zeekler referral link)

I want you to know that the bids are free, but you will have to pay the final price of the auction.  I also want you each to know that I have had good luck buying retail bids and winning those items.  You will have to pay the final price of the auction, but you can either get the product mailed to you or get the cash in value sent to a SolidTrustPay account or AlertPay account. 

Currently the CC payment is down because of Zeeklers growth, but it should be up eventually. 

If you checked out the site, what is your favorite item on right now?


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