Apr 24, 2012

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary

Thirteen years ago I married my husband.  It amazes me that it has already been 13 years!  My wedding day is one of the days that I hope to remember for the rest of my life.  My sisters were my best woman and the little girl I babysat was my flower girl.  My husband had his brother at his best man.  I can remember being nervous, but so much in love!

The love I had for my husband 13 years ago is a completely different love than I have for him now.  I was head over heels, rose colored glasses in love with him then.  He couldn't do anything wrong.  I wish I still felt that way.  I wonder if anyone who has been married for over 5 years stills feels that way about their husbands or wives?

I have changed a lot.  It can't be easy being married to someone who gets a thought in her head and has a hard time giving in.  I am also not a domestic diva.  If I could hire someone to clean my house, I would in a heart beat.  He has loved me through my weight gain, depression and physical pain where I couldn't get off of the couch without gasping in pain and crying.  He has loved me through the years where I didn't work because raising my son was the top priority, even though we could have used the extra income.

I have loved him through 5 surgeries where we went into financial distress.  We are still pulling ourselves out.  I have loved him through his own depression and addictions.  I have loved him when I have wanted to be several states away getting over whatever hurt I felt.

I hope that our marriage is stronger by our 14th anniversary.  I hope we are able to come to peace and understanding about our downfalls as people.


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