Mar 5, 2012

Welcome to March

I had a lot going on in my life throughout February.  My husband was interviewing for a job in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and we were pretty sure he had it.  Then, we got a call that there was a new General Manager who was reorganizing the whole company, so my husband wouldn't have a place to work.  They still want him, but need to open a spot for him to work.

We had another person interested in the house too.  She came back with her family, but we haven't heard anything since she came back.  The woman had wanted us to tell her the lowest we would sell the house for.  My husband and I don't believe that it would have been a lucrative deal to tell her the lowest we would go, so we asked her to put in an offer.  She didn't, so the house is still trying to be sold.

I also visited my sisters, nieces and nephews in Utah.  It was so wonderful meeting my niece for the first time.  She lives with both of my sisters.  My twin sister looks enough like me that it wasn't a shock for Clara when I held her.  My son was another story though.  She wouldn't let M hold her long without crying.  M declared, "She doesn't like me so I am not going to hold her anymore."  I explained that she only liked me because she thought I was Brenda, but he didn't buy it.  So, hopefully Clara and Matthew will bond later in life.

The last thing that happened in February was I got over my fear of flying.  I had decided to fly since it only takes 6 hours by plane as opposed to 3 days driving.  The flights went great.  The flights were completely sold out every flight, so there wasn't any wiggle room.  I was just glad I had lost 40 pounds so the seat belt would fit and I could fit in my seat without encroaching on anyone's seat. 

I hope that you all have a great February and will have a great March.


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