Mar 25, 2012

I have a job now

I have been working for about three weeks.  It is a change for me since I haven't worked since getting pregnant with my son, who will be 13 in a couple of months. 

I am a data entry worker.  I didn't think data entry would be something I would enjoy, but I do enjoy it!  It is the kind of job I am good at.  Entering data from a form, filling in information from the data, and finally sending it off so people can get paid. 

Another aspect I love is finally having money!  This will help my husband and I be able to enjoy life again without having to struggle from paycheck to paycheck.  It is an awful life not knowing how much my husband's paycheck is going to be since he is a flat-rate worker. 

I have missed blogging, so I am going to try to do it more.  I hope that each and every one of you are doing well!


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