Jan 12, 2012

My husband totaled his car and was injured

Last Wednesday, the 4th, my husband was driving home and talking to my son on his blue tooth.  All the sudden, there was a lot of interference on the phone and the next thing we heard was my husband yelling my son's name.  I started panicking when I heard the tone from his door opening and he was still yelling my son's name.

Mr. Husband didn't answer phone for several minutes.  My son was crying.  I was shaking because I knew something had happened.  I just hoped my husband was alright.  In about three minutes after the accident, a passerby stopped and let my husband use the phone.  My husband called right away to let us know that he had hit a deer and his airbags deployed.  His phone had broke in the process, but the passerby needed his phone back.  The next passerby used his OnStar to call the Sheriff's office so they could file a report.

My son and I hopped in our car, called a tow truck and went to meet my husband.  My husband is an auto technician so when he said his car wouldn't start, I was pretty sure the car had to be in bad shape.
Both of the air bags had deployed and the front end was smashed up.  My husband hadn't seen the deer coming since it was a back road with no lighting, so at least he hadn't tensed up.

My husband only remembered the air bag hitting his face, but the next day he couldn't move his neck and his lower back hurt.  He was diagnosed with back and neck sprain, but has been off of work since then.  There isn't a chance that he will be returning until at least the 17th.

I am thankful that my husband is alright, but I can still remember how scared I was because I was imagining the worst.  Life can change so fast!

His car was considered totaled by the insurance company because of the air bags deploying.  His car was about 12 years old, but in great running condition with a great body because he takes great care of our cars.  Now, we are a one car family again.  It will be interesting to see how everything pans out since he works an hour away. 


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