Jan 3, 2012

I miss my son on the first day back to school

I am one of the parents who enjoy almost every moment I spend with my son.  There are some parents who enjoy the day the breaks are over so they can send their little person back to school.  I dread it. 

I am sitting here wishing that he was here.  Sometimes I am on the computer and he is on his, but we are still in the same room.  It isn't often that we find common ground to do together, but I still enjoy being around him.

There will be days when he is no longer living with me that I will be able to look back at the memories we have created and only have those to see me through until we can be together again.  I hope he will look back at our time together with fondness.  I know when I look back at my childhood, there are mainly happy memories.  Some children seem to not have any good memories of their childhood.

For parents, remember that someday when our children are looking back at their lives, we want them to remember happiness and good times.  Children, love your parents.  Remember that we are only human and make mistakes.  Childhood is just a small part of every life, but it seems to be what the rest of our life is set upon.  I try to make a good foundation for my son's memories and I hope each of you try also.


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