Dec 27, 2011

The Top 10 great things that happened this year for me

This is the time that I think about all the wonderful things that have happened in the current year. The Top 10 is in no particular order, since my brain doesn't seem to function that way.

  1. A new niece was born.  I haven't met her yet, but my son and I will be flying out to see her in February.
  2. We finally got our house on the market.  Although it hasn't sold after more than 4 months, it is out there for people to see.
  3. My brother and sisters came out from the West to visit us.  It is always so great getting to spend time with the family.
  4. My oldest brother and his wife are expecting another niece or nephew for me.  They will hopefully find out in January if it will be a boy or girl.
  5. My favorite win I have won (and received) this year is the KitchenAid stand mixer.  My favorite win that I haven't received is 2 Round-trip tickets to anywhere domestically that Southwest flies.
  6. I got to watch my brothers and husband play softball this year.  That is always a fantastic time for me.
  7. I went to Washington DC with my mom, son and husband.  Traveling is something I really enjoy doing.  
  8. My husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  Although marriage hasn't always been easy for me, I find that we understand each other more each year.
  9. My son graduated from 6th Grade and is currently in 7th grade.  It is always nice when he gets to go to the next grade.
  10.  I have lost over 30 pounds.  I haven't started exercising a lot, but I am moving more.  I also started cooking for my family, which has helped me keep track of what exactly is going into our bodies. 


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