Dec 5, 2011

My two tips for keeping safe during the holiday season

I read the news and seem to have a good memory for the little odd tips that other people give during the Holiday season.  I will share some of them with you.

1.  If you get a big ticket item for whichever holiday you celebrate, don't throw the box on the curb.  Consider cutting it up and putting it into a black garbage bag, or taking the box to your local recycling center.  Why?  Having a big box in front of your house, or waiting for disposal will let the less than dishonest people know you have it and they may want to steal it.

2.  If someone tries to rob you, fake fainting.  They will most likely still take whatever they want and probably won't harm you as much as if you fought with them.  Just give them what they want.  It isn't worth you getting hurt over.  As a side note, I am sure I wouldn't have to fake fainting... it would occur naturally.

What would you like to share with people about remaining safe?  Did you already know the tips above?

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