Dec 13, 2011

A lot can happen in a week

Some of you may have noticed my absence on this blog.  My son has had some severe headaches with vertigo for about a week.  They are so bad that he has been getting sent home from school quite a bit.  It is one of the circumstances that puts me in a hard place.  I want to be able to take care of him, but at the same time, we can get in trouble for keeping him home from school a lot.  The doctor has said to send him and let the nurse send him home, but it makes me feel awful knowing there is nothing I can do for him.

The great news about his headaches is the great possibility is it is just viral.  It isn't often a parent prays that her child will ONLY have a VIRUS.  The pediatric neurologist has let us know that the headaches will probably disappear as fast as they appeared.

It is hard for me to write anything positive when there is so much going through my head  I just want my little guy to be healthy again!  I want him to be his laughing little self again.

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