Dec 2, 2011

Every boy deserves a bike

The items my son always asks Santa for on Christmas is a bike, some video games, books and a gaming console.  He has owned three bikes in his life and is ready for his fourth bike.  We have always purchased the Mongoose bikes because of how well they are built.  The Mongoose bikes are made to withstand the punishment children deal out.  They also hold the weight of heavier children as well as thinner children.

The Mongoose bicycle I would like to get my son the  Mongoose Rebel.  The features of the Rebel are:
§  Ovalized tube freestyle frame for durability

§  Unique & tough aluminum mag wheels

§  4 freestyle  pegs for stunts

§  Alloy 4 bolt front-load stem clamps bars tight

§  Alloy caliper brake & rear U-brake for sure stopping

§  Cable detangler to spin handlebars 360 degrees

§  Colorful & strong alloy platform pedals

My son has never done tricks on his bike, but he likes the look of the trick bikes because of the coolness factor.  

Can you still remember your first bike?  I can still remember mine.  It was a Strawberry shortcake bike with a banana seat and training wheels.  My father taught me how to ride it on my birthday.  

I taught my son how to ride his bike without training wheels in our backyard on a Mongoose bike.  There are so many great memories about buying bikes and teaching how to use them.

What is a wishlist of a child you love?

Disclosure:  I did not receive any money or any other compensation for this review.  I love the Mongoose bikes and wanted to give my honest opinions about the Mongoose brand.  I was given information from a Mongoose bike representative to facilitate this review.


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