Nov 30, 2011

Your opinion please, funny or disrespectful

My son has a wonderful sense of humor.  He is witty and spontaneous.

He had just finished a speech session and had extra time.  The other children were playing on the computer and the iPads.  The speech teacher asked my son what he wanted to do.  M replied, "I want to go home."

I am sure he had a big grin on his face, as he usually does after saying something witty.

The teacher didn't think it was at all funny.  She let him know if he was a smarty pants again that she wouldn't be giving him speech anymore.  The problem with that is the school has to give him speech classes, so I don't appreciate her threatening him with that.

So, I want to know if you think it is disrespectful or funny.  I want all opinions. 


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