Nov 14, 2011

This week I am grateful for....

Thanksgiving is the time of the year most Americans think about what they are grateful for.  This week I am grateful for the fact that I had one day where my back didn't hurt.  I actually felt like a normal human being.  I could get off of the couch without wincing or yelping in pain.  I could walk to the bathroom and take normal steps instead of the painful short steps.

I am thankful that we had beautiful blue sunny skies in November.  Sometimes in November, I find myself getting depressed because of the gloomy weather.  This week, we had early spring like weather and blue clear skies.  What more can you ask for in November?

I am thankful for a son and husband that understand I am not the same woman I was two years ago.  Sometimes my husband has to literally be my strength as I stand up.  He has to stand in front of me while I figure out how I am going to walk with the pain down my back.  He also works a full time job and is gone for 11 hours a day. 

I am thankful for my parents.  They have raised 6 children and I can honestly say each and every one of my siblings are my best friends.  Somehow they raised 6 children that have never been in legal trouble.  Each of my siblings would do anything for other members of the family.  My parents are down to earth and love each other.  They showed us what a marriage is.

What are your grateful for this week?


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