Nov 16, 2011

Talk about Anxiety

I didn't sleep last night because I was thinking about Christmas shopping and my roof.  I finally got to sleep about 7 AM.  I woke up to tell my husband and son where breakfast was and the clean clothes then swiftly went back to sleep.

At 9:42 AM the phone rang.  My brain finally figured out how to answer the phone and when I answered it was the school nurse.  She informed me my son couldn't breathe.  I let her know he had just taken his inhaler before going to school.  She said his lungs sounded good and he didn't look like he was in distress.  She then asks me if I wanted to talk to M.  Of course I want to talk to him!

M gets on the phone and promptly tells me he is having a hard time breathing and his chest hurts.  I was fully awake in an instant.  I ask him if it is because of his shoulder problem.  He tells me it only hurts when he is going up the stairs.  I talk to the nurse again and ask her what she thinks.  She is the medical person, not me... even though in the back of my mind I am strongly thinking about heart problems.  She assures me that he is okay, but I should call his pediatrician.

I believe I said bye to the school nurse on the phone, but I don't remember.  I called my son's pediatrician and explained the problem.  They let me know that they were going with the school nurse's assessment of his not being in distress so they really don't need to see him.

I TRY to trust the medical staff.  I really do, but they don't love my son like I do.  

My son comes home after school and is fine.  He believes it is the acid reflux feeling he gets and pain from his shoulder.

I will definitely be sleeping well tonight and am keeping an eye on my little man.  He isn't complaining, so that is a good sign.  And I think we finally found someone who will fix our roof for the money we have! 



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