Nov 10, 2011

Snow, love it or hate it

Some people love snow.  They are excited by the first snowflake.  Some people hate snow.  I understand those people.

Susan's definition of snow: 1. Another 4 letter word that should be whispered or not spoken. 2. Ugly, white stuff that falls from the sky above, which makes for bad driving conditions and cold weather.  3. The beginning of the Seasonal Affective Disorder season.

Truly, I can see the beauty of snow.... when it is on television and I can pretend it is fake like everything else.  I live in a place where winter seems  to go from November to March, sometimes lasting into April.

Children here have to go to school when there is a lot of snow. By a lot of snow, I am talking 2 and 3 feet of snow on the ground.  Other places halt to a stop when there is a snowstorm.  Here, we drive in and there is still food to be bought at the grocery store amidst the storm.

A true tale:  I learned to drive in the March blizzard of 1993.  Not even "The Storm of the Century" can stop driver's education teachers in Western New York. 

Do you like snow?  If you do, does it snow a lot where you live, or is it part of a fairy tale? 

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