Nov 13, 2011

Smart Ones Satisfying Selections Review

Today I was delighted to finally taste the Smart Ones Satisfying Selections.  I chose the Chicken with Broccoli and Cheese.  It was convenient being able to go to the freezer and pick up a dinner for myself and my mother.   

The first thing I love about the Satisfying Selections is it only took under 5 minutes to cook in the microwave.  The bag is actually a steamer bag, so you don't have to have a microwavable dish to put it in. 

The bag was a bit difficult for me to tear open, but that is what scissors are for.  I was pleased that all of the rice and chicken came out of the bag easily.    The smell was divine.  There was just the right amount of cheese and the broccoli was fully cooked. 

Finally, it was time to test it!  It looked like something I would like and the first bite proved to be satisfying.  I have had Chicken with Broccoli and Cheese homemade and this was just as good, but a lot more simple to make.  Each flavor blended with the other ones for a great dinner.  

The portion was larger than what I normally get in a frozen packaged meal and I felt satisfied, but not full.  I think eating this kind of meal will train our stomachs what we should be eating instead of what portions some of us eat.   The money spent on the meal is a bit more than some packaged meals, but the quality of the Smart Ones Satisfying Selections was better than the other packaged dietary meals.  

My overall opinion is this is something I will recommend and I will be buying again.  The value is good for the amount and taste of food you get.  I would recommend adding a side salad or vegetables if you want to feel a bit more full after eating, or you can eat this and train your stomach to what size portions you are supposed to be eating.

The other Satisfying Selections dinners that you can choose from are Ziti with  Meatballs and Cheese, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo, Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry and Sesame Chicken.

The best thing is it is only 9 Weight Watchers Points!  Can you beat that?  All of the Satisfying Selections range from 8 to 10 Weight Watchers Points.

Other information: Suggested Retail price: $3.69.  You can choose to cook it on the stove top or microwave.   Each package is 331 g

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