Nov 5, 2011

Moments that take my breath away

My twin sister posted today about the moments that take your breath away.  I started thinking of all the moments that have taken my breath away. 

Mr. Husband and I on our wedding day

  1. Meeting my son for the first time.  After he was born, I needed some work done to me since I was bleeding profusely.  I didn't get to hold my son for at least 20 minutes, possibly longer since they were too busy working on me.  When I first got to hold him and look into his beautiful, angelic face I was in awe.  I will never have another moment like that.
  2. Looking at my husband after saying "I do".  I was in love with him since the first moment I met him.  Knowing you are with a person that loves you as much as you love them is a wonderful feeling.  I am thankful to say that we have been married for over 12 years.
  3. Finding out my book would be published.  Over a year of hard work and waiting for months to find out if my book would be published was well worth it when I found out it would be!  I still love seeing my name in print.
  4. Getting a winning notification  There have been several times that my breath has been taken away when I have found out I won something.  Most recently, it was winning the ActiFry.
What are some moments that have taken your breath away?  They are life's best moments!


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