Nov 8, 2011

Jumpin in the car for a better life

This morning I read Dave's post about Two Years.  Recently my husband and I have been talking about just walking away from our home if we can't find a roofer to do the job with the amount of money we have to give them.  That is why Dave's post hit home.

I miss my sisters who both moved to Utah in March.  My husband and I were supposed to go with them, but we couldn't get our house sold and didn't have enough money to start our journey.  So much of our life depends on money.  It is strange how some people have an overabundance of it and still can't be happy.  Some of us think that growing a money tree would solve all problems, but it probably wouldn't.

Part of me just wants to pack up a Ryder truck and start our journey out west.  The only thing holding me back at this point is I still have parents and two brothers and their family living here.  I know that hopping in a car wouldn't solve all my problems, but it would get me away from the problems I have here.
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Last time we jumped in the car and moved from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts turned out well.  Yes, living in a hotel with an infant who became a toddler there was hard.  There were benefits though.  We became great friends with the hotel owner and met other lifelong friends.  We learned not to judge people based on where they need to live to survive.  We learned a 400 sq. foot hotel room can be the best place to live if you need it to be.

Have you ever wanted to jump in a car and leave your life in God's hands?  There isn't any better place to be than trusting in God to help you figure out what you are going to do.


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