Nov 11, 2011

An iPad an hour on Black Friday

If you are like me, you have been trying to win an iPad.  I have good news for you, ZAGG will be giving away one iPad every hour on Black Friday.  You can click here to read it for yourself.  Either bookmark this page or Zagg's page so you can remember!

The giveaway will not start until November 25th 12 AM MST, which is 2 AM EST. 

My method for getting in as many entries into the iPad an Hour Sweepstakes:

First, I have to look at all the Black Friday ads.  I have seen most of them online, but I still want to get my hands on the actual ads.  I will then enter the ZAGG giveaway at 2 AM, then run to a store that is open and try to be home before 3:59 AM EST so I can enter for the second one.

I am going to HAVE to sleep sometime or I will have to give the iPad to my son or husband as an "I'm sorry I was such an awful person on Black Friday".  I will then wake up with my son and start entering every hour again.

Are you going to enter the ZAGG giveaway every hour possible?  Do you already have a plan to how you are going to do that and do your Holiday Shopping?  You can also get 3 additional entries every hour for sharing on Facebook and tweeting.  Talking about Facebook and twitter, have you followed me yet?

Disclaimer:  This post has been written so I can get 24 bonus entries into the Zagg iPad every hour sweepstakes


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