Nov 28, 2011

A child will change your life

I have family members and friends who don't have children who have said, "A child would change my life forever".  I agree with them and think back to my pre-child stage.

M and I after decorating the tree.
I could go to the bathroom by myself.  For several years, we called my son the bathroom monitor.  What those without children don't realize is that YES, We. Could. Lock. The. Door.... but the banging and crying outside isn't worth it to most of us.  Plus, if they run away from the door this will be a definite disaster somewhere.  Whether it your child making a cake on the floor, or finding the hidden permanent markers and coloring on the wall, they will get revenge for not be able to smell the deuce like they want to.  Once my son turned 6, he lost interest in the smell, or having to check up on me and now doesn't do any decorative restyling. 

I could sleep without being turned into the human bottle.  I can remember my 8 hours of great sleep.  I have always been a great sleeper.  UNTIL I TURNED INTO THE HUMAN BOTTLE.  But, the plus side is that you don't nurse for ever (unless you are one of THOSE moms) and you can go back to sleep.  Well, you can sleep soundly until you have a child hanging over your bed stating they don't feel well, then they promptly barf on you.  Yep, it happens, and guess what, you still love those boogery, puking children.

I lived without loving someone so much that I am pretty sure I would never crawl out of bed again if something happened to him.  Yeah, you love someone, but you will never ever imagine the love of a mother and child.  Yes, sometimes they don't listen to One Single Word we say in a whole day.  Sometimes they even point out that we are the uncoolest thing ever created.  Yet, when you see them sleeping, you know that you would do it all over again.  I cannot imagine choosing not to have someone to love like that because we don't want to give up our lifestyle.  Not everyone is meant to be a mother, but those that are lucky enough to be great mothers know exactly what I mean in this paragraph.

I didn't have to watch someone all the time.  For the first three years of a child's life, I am pretty sure they have a similar brain makeup of a dog.  Children will play with their poop.  Children will run into the street.  As stated earlier, children will make a cake on the floor or decorate with a permanent marker.  Some children have even been known to throw rocks and break windows.  The great thing is that parents learn really fast that children aren't accountable.  They don't know.  They aren't born with common sense, they learn common sense.  The great thing is once a child gets to be about 5 or 6, they don't need the constant shadow.  There are even babysitters if you want to get out and have an adult life.

Now, let me tell you about why I am so glad I was able to have my son.  He has brought me joy that I wouldn't have been able to experience otherwise.  His smile makes everything better when I am feeling sad.  He is so much fun for me to do things with.  When he was a smaller child and he would cuddle with me, it was a paradise.  Now that he is older, we can have some pretty serious talks about feelings and he may be the only person in the world besides my sisters who truly know me.  There isn't a day that goes by without me telling him I love him and him letting me know he loves me.

Children grow up.  You don't always have to be changing diapers or following them around.  We want to teach our child independence.  I am at the point in my life where I know I only have another 6 years of him living at home before he will want to go to college then on a church mission.  I am not looking forward to getting my old life back.

Parents, I would love to hear your comments about how your life was different before you had children and how having children have greatly improved your life.  If you likes this post, please consider sharing it by using one of the buttons below.


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