Nov 1, 2011

The broken window

Halloween has always been a fun day for me.  Yesterday was no exception, until my husband, son and I got home from passing out Halloween Candy at  my parents and trick-or-treating.

Glass.  Smashed.  That was the first thing I saw when I walked onto my porch.  I studied it more.  My son came over to look at him and I threw my hand out to stop him because I didn't need him stepping in the glass. 

I called 911 and told them what happened.  They were on their way.

A realization came slowly that there wasn't anyway someone could have went into the house with the amount of glass that was still on the frame.  Both the storm window and window behind it had been smashed.  They are both 4 x 4 foot windows, so a lot of glass!

I asked if both dogs were still inside.  My son looked and they were.  It is a miracle that they didn't get hurt because they both live by looking out the window that had been smashed.  Then my son started crying.  He couldn't voice what was wrong for a little bit.  He was scared.  

The police officer came over and agreed with my assessment that there wasn't anyway someone could get in through the glass.  I put my dogs in their crates and she came in.  I struggled to move the sofa that sits in front of the window.  The sofa was glimmering when splintered glass.  The police officer found what broke the window.  She pointed out a good sized 3 or 4 inch rock. 

When my neighbor saw the cop show up, he asked if everything was alright.  My husband told him what happened.  Our kind neighbor came over and helped my husband get the frames out of the window and board it up. 

As my husband and our neighbor were boarding up the outside of the house, I tried to talk to M.  He didn't want to talk to me yet.  He was skinning one of the carved pumpkins.  He was thinking. 

A little time passed and he asked me why I wasn't angry, sad or scared.  He asked why I was so calm.  I told him it is because we were safe.  No one was hurt.  I let him know I was angry though.   I told him that I had done things in my life that I am sorry about, so I couldn't be too judgmental. 

Today our window is fixed.  My husband took half a day off of work to get the glass back in the frame and rehang both windows. 

Hopefully next year the person who threw the rock will have learned their lesson.  Hopefully, if they didn't, no one will get hurt by flying glass.  This morning we learned that the same thing had happened a bit later one block over.  They had an elegant glass door smashed and were home, but didn't catch the person either.


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