Oct 21, 2011

Will it matter in a year?

When I am in a bad mood, like I am today, I try not to complain.  I have always thought that if it won't matter in a year, I probably shouldn't be too worried or waste my time being upset about it.

Gloomy picture to match my mood

Have you noticed how bad moods are contagious?  If I told you why I am in a bad mood, you may think about something that made you upset or angry today.  However, if I told you that today is a good day because I was able to pick up my son and it made me happy because he was happy, you would look for what good happened today.

We all need the little ray of sunshine and peace in our lives
People have bad things happen to them all the time.  The thing that sets people apart is how they handle the bad situations.  People can either get over the bad thing and not let it ruin their day or they can stew in it and continue to be miserable.

I am trying to get over the series of events that soured my mood today.  I am sure that things will work out.  Try to look for the positive in your life. 

I hope that each of you are having a great day!  I hope that the little things can stay little.

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