Oct 10, 2011

Update: I can still clean my home in under an hour

It has been over a month since I completely cleaned and uncluttered my house.   Most of the time, I would have fallen back into the habit, but I love the freedom a clean house gives me.

There are no negatives and only positives to keeping a clean house.  Here is the top three list of what I have found to be the positives of keeping a clean house:

I don't have to worry when someone knocks on my door.   If you have never known the feeling of panic or dread when someone knocks on your front door, I congratulate you!  I would go out onto the porch and talk with my company when my house was a mess.  There was NO WAY I was going to let anyone come in a look at my house.  I would rather be a bad hostess than an awful housewife.  Now when my friends come and knock on my door, I can let them right in.  I don't even have to worry about my husband apologizing for a messy house.  Yes, he would always let people in and apologize.

I don't have as much anxiety anymore.  Every single day my house was a mess, I knew I had to clean it.  Where to start?  There was always so much anxiety because I never knew when one of my friends would knock on the door.  I always tried to make excuses to why my Mom couldn't come over.  I didn't want her to see my house and I didn't want her to clean it.  Now, I can have the whole family over.  I don't have to worry about what anyone is thinking of my house.  I know my family would love me anyway, but it is hard being comfortable in a mess.

I am so much happier.  I feel like a better mom.  I feel like a better wife.  My house actually looks like I love it.  If someone were to come and knock on my door to buy it, I could let them in to look around.  It is so wonderful knowing that I am finally doing my duty as a wife and mother. 

For those reading that don't have a clean house, it is COMPLETELY worth it to clean it.  You will not know the happiness until it is done.  It will take awhile.  Clean one room a day.  Or clean for 15 minutes a day.  Just don't mess up what you have done.  You can do it! 


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