Oct 25, 2011

My poor son's shoulder

M came home from school on October 14th and told me about the horseplay that was going on in Phys. Ed.  I didn't think anything about him seeing how many kids it would take to tackle him.  After all, he is a boy.  Then Sunday rolled around.  Whenever I would touch his left shoulder, he would cry out in pain.  I took him to the Urgent Care and they surmised it was a shoulder sprain.

His poor shoulder is still hurting him.  I often forget and pat, hug or rub his shoulder.  He winces and gasps in pain.

He has an appointment on Wednesday.  I hope that it is a sprain that will heal fast.  It is awful not being able to do anything to help him out of his pain.

I hope that you and your loved one stay safe!


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